Support Facilities/Skills

Pembrokeshire is already home to an energy sector supply chain and workforce which supplies 25% of the UK’s petrochemicals, 30% of the UK’s gas requirements and Europe’s largest CCGT gas fired power station. The Port of Milford Haven has full tidal access for the largest construction vessels, the entire range of support services for construction and good experience in operational vessels (PMSS, 2006). All the facilities on the Haven are close to steel fabricators, ship repairers, boat and barge builders, marine and other engineering of various specialisms.

Set amongst the energy giants around the Haven and benefiting from experienced local support services with a skilled workforce, development opportunities exist for complementary industries in the renewable, biofuels and manufacturing sector. The Energy Sector Skills Council recognise that the existing power generation workforce have the necessary transferable skills to meet the future needs of the Marine Renewable Energy sector (METG, 2009). For more general information visit the Port of Milford Haven website or the Pembroke Port page for specific renewables opportunities.

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Pembrokeshire Science and Technology Park

Pembrokeshire’s Business Incubation and Innovation Centre provides modern facilities, business incubation development, technical and academic support for start-up and growing businesses.

As well as flexible facilities on site, the centre also enables networking with leading national and international companies, as well as academic and research institutions.

The main building comprises 36,000 sq ft of accommodation and includes 18 office units varying in size from approximately 300 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft.

Adjacent to the main building there are an additional 13 independent workshop units.  These are suitable for businesses requiring a workshop or laboratory and businesses graduating out of the Pembrokeshire Science & Technology Park who require industrial business space close to the Pembrokeshire Science & Technology Park environment.