Pembroke Port

Pembroke Port is an established deep water port with a history of handling extraordinary projects in a global context. Pembroke Port are an existing major service provider for the UK’s energy industry and have the skills set, supply chain and infrastructure necessary to support renewables projects.

The Port have proven experience in the marine renewables sector and have worked in partnership with Tidal Energy Ltd to accommodate the fabrication and deployment of the DeltaStream prototype onsite. Flexibility is paramount and the Port can facilitate each process from component delivery to decommissioning.

Pembroke Port are currently investing in a Masterplan to adapt a dedicated area of their site as a specialist facility for testing, manufacture and export of marine renewable devices.

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PoMH Pembroke Dock 54022AERA5

On site capacity

Short steaming distance to wave and tidal energy resources

Experience in accommodating extraordinary vessels and projects

24 hour security and CCTV

Operational around the clock with controlled site access

Options of laydown spaces on and away from quay

Industrial build sheds with internal heights up to 12m

Specialist supply chain experienced in the energy sector

Onsite barge and workboat availability

Customised boat builders specialising in steel, aluminium and GRP

Office facilities, workshops and storage available with an 11kV power supply onsite

Flexibility in site layout – can be adapted to fit project needs

Uncongested road network to M4 corridor