Supply Chain

From consultancy and advisory services through to build, operational and decommissioning services, Pembrokeshire can offer a complete supply chain for developers.

The region is already home to an energy sector supply chain and workforce which supplies 25% of the UK’s petrochemicals, 30% of the UK’s gas requirements and Europe’s largest CCGT gas fired power station. The Port of Milford Haven has full tidal access for the largest construction vessels, the entire range of support services for construction and good experience in operational vessels (PMSS, 2006).

The Energy Sector Skills Council recognise that the existing power generation workforce have the necessary transferable skills to meet the future needs of the Marine Renewable Energy sector (METG, 2009).

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Local Supply Chain services

Experienced organisations such as Ledwood, Mainport, Kingswood and Mainstay Marine offer the necessary skill set to help design, build and develop marine energy devices. Based at Pembroke Port, Mainstay Marine constructed Tidal Energy Limited’s prototype Delta Stream device, deployed in December 2015.  Williams Shipping, and Svitzer also have bases at Pembroke Port and have extensive experience in delivering a range of marine services. Consultancy and project development skills are also available locally with companies such as MarineSpace based in Milford Haven.

Wales has the potential to be a world-leader in the marine energy market – as a significant generator and, just as importantly, as an exporter of marine energy knowledge, technologies and services. This momentum is attracting marine energy companies into Wales and one of these is Leask Marine who, with all their experience of working on multiple deployments in Scotland, will benefit the sector in Wales.

Pembroke Port is a deep water port in close proximity to the marine energy resources. Pembroke Port offers 24/7 operations, controlled site access, fabrication space and laydown areas and a flexible site layout. Pembroke Port can also support the full spectrum from component delivery and device fabrication to testing, deployment, O&M and eventual decommissioning.

Tidal Energy Ltd have required a wide range of services during the development and deployment of the DeltaStream device at Ramsey Sound.

The TEL list of contract services highlights the range of supply chain services required and the potential for companies to engage in the sector.

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