Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone

The Crown Estate has identified areas of seabed around the UK which are suitable for wave and tidal test and demonstration activities. These sites have been leased out by the Crown Estate with the goal of accelerating technology development.

The Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone is located 13 km off the South Pembrokeshire coast. Third Party Management for the site is a collaborative approach being led by Wave Hub with partners including Marine Energy Pembrokeshire and Pembroke Port.

The zone has the potential to support the demonstration of wave arrays with a generating capacity of up to 30MW for each project.


Site Specifics

Area of seabed: 90km2

19 kW/m wave resource

Distance from shore (min – max): 13.2km – 21.1km

Mean Water depth: 53.4m

Mean Tidal current resource level (mean spring peak current): 1.0m/s



The site is located in a region that has experience in constructing and deploying Wales’ first tidal stream device and offers:

A 400kV transmission line and substation located coastally at the Pembroke Power station.

World class deep water port facilities and support services provided through the UK’s third busiest port complex.

A dedicated, Government backed Energy Enterprise Zone with business development incentives.

Access to academic and research expertise.

An energy sector supply chain which provides 25% of the UK’s petrochemicals and 30% of the UK’s gas requirements.

Marine Energy is a priority area in EU Structural Funding

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