The Resource

The Pembrokeshire coast has a significant wave and tidal stream climate. A study of the marine resource in Pembrokeshire was performed in 2006 by PMSS. They concluded Pembrokeshire had the highest concentration of wave resource in Wales equating to an indicative capacity of up to 5600MW providing a significant opportunity for development of the industry. Tidal streams around the west of Ramsey Island and within Ramsey Sound can reach up to 4ms-1. RPS consultants carried out the Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework for Wales, a £1 million  project mapping resource and potential constraints. The study confirmed that there is potential for 6.4GW of installed marine energy capacity in Wales.

The Crown Estate’s UK Wave and Tidal Key Resource Areas Project (2012) highlighted Pembrokeshire as having significant tidal stream and wave resources.

Wave resource pembs

The Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework for Wales

The Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework for Wales (MRESF) was completed in stages between 2007 and 2011 and shows the wave and tidal resource of Welsh  territorial waters within the context of differing levels of development constraints. The data from MRESF has been uploaded into the Wales Marine Planning Portal, a free tool housing online maps showing the distribution of human activities and natural resources in Welsh seas. The Planning Portal can be found here.

Tidal resource for Wales from the MRESF Click to expand

The UK Marine Renewable Energy Atlas

A project commissioned by DECC to map the UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources was completed in 2004. A consortium led by ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer) which included the providers of major marine data holdings, provided the renewables sector with an Atlas that indicated areas potentially suitable for the future deployment of renewable energy technologies – wind, wave and tidal. In 2008, an online, interactive webGIS version of the UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources Atlas with improved underlying resource datasets was launched. The latest Atlas represents the most detailed description of potential marine energy resources completed to date using the best source of wave, tide and offshore wind information available across the UK Continental Shelf. To view the webGIS version click here.

renewables atlas