Marine Energy Limited

Marine Energy Ltd is a privately owned marine energy development and generation company with a mission to identify, develop, own and operate suitable sites for deployment of marine wave energy parks for renewable electricity generation. Marine Energy Ltd is in the process of making applications for a project to deploy a 10MW pre-commercial wave energy power park on a site off the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales.  Marine Energy Ltd will carry out required environmental impact assessments, apply for and obtain all required licenses, permits, seabed leases and to own and operate the wave energy power parks. Marine Energy Ltd is independently raising all required financing to support the project development costs as well as the capex and deployment expense of the wave energy park itself.


Project details

The expected electricity generation is 50,000 MWh per year from 2014 from the Pembrokeshire 10MW wave energy project. The power output will be exported via a 33kV sea cable to the on-shore power distribution grid owned and managed by Western Power Distribution Ltd, the regional power distributor in South Wales and South West England.

The company will deploy “Seabased Wave Energy Converters”,  WECs, which are designed with a unique patented three phase, permanent NdFeB magnet, linear generator uniquely developed to be utilized in ocean bed arrays and directly driven by point absorbers on the ocean surface. The WECs form part of an integrated wave energy power generation system capable of delivering Grid Code compliant power to the on-shore grid. The system will be assembled by Seabased Industries AB in Lysekil based on the proprietary technology developed by Seabased AB in Uppsala, Sweden.

The wave power generates minimal emissions and will have a very limited visual impact on the seascape.

The technology has been developed over 8 years of research at the Division for Electricity Research at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

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More Information

For more information visit  or for more information on the technology visit the Seabased website