Marine Energy Pembrokeshire

Marine Energy Pembrokeshire (MEP) is a partnership between technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector working together to establish Pembrokeshire as a “centre of excellence” for sustainable marine energy generation. The area has a number of factors that make it ideal for marine energy development:

€100,428,444 of EU structural funding prioritised for marine energy in Wales

An indicative wave capacity of up to 5600MW with tidal streams of up to 4ms-1

A 400kV transmission line and substation located coastally at the Pembroke Power station

World class deep water port facilities and support services provided through the UK’s third busiest port complex

An energy sector supply chain and workforce which provides 25% of the UK’s petrochemicals, 30% of the UK’s gas requirements and Europe’s largest CCGT gas fired power station

Experience in constructing and deploying Wales’ first tidal stream device

A dedicated, Government backed Energy Enterprise Zone with business development incentives

Access to expert academic and research facilities

The Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone

MEP providing a single point of access for marine energy developers interested in Pembrokeshire

Marine Energy Wales

In 2016, Marine Energy Wales was launched to represent the marine energy industry at a national level and drive forward development as Wales seeks to become a global leader. Marine Energy Wales was established and is administered by the team at Marine Energy Pembrokeshire. To find out more about Marine Energy Wales, visit the website here.

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